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What started off as a hobby has slowly turned into a passion. Even though I am still new to this business I have a love for capturing images. I started taking "pictures" when I was thirteen years old, nothing special. I dabbled with it every now and then, but I didn't start actually learning until I attended Spring Hill College. Being a Public Relations and Advertising major, all of us in the Communications Department were given a simple Media Kit. A Nikon D3300, two sets of lenses and a tripod to get us started.


I would go home over break and take pictures of my sisters, my brother, our dogs. Then before I knew it more and more people started asking me to take their picture. My family and friends continuously put their faith in me. Although not all of my images were perfect starting out, I have slowly began to improve and I owe that to all of the amazing people who put their faith in an inexperienced college student.

So what now?


After I graduated from Spring Hill with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, I was hired on at a local Credit Union as their Marketing Specialist and shortly after I married my best friend. After I got married and started working full time I realized that there was something missing in my life. After multiple conversations with my husband (God bless him) I finally decided to invest in my first professional camera and take this "photography" thing a little more seriously.


And here I am! Investing in that camera has honestly been the best decision of my life. I always knew I wanted to make a difference in some way, but who would have thought it was going to be through photography? I absolutely love making people happy, and seeing their faces light up when I show them their portraits gives me a feeling like no other.

I am slowly improving and I hope to continue to do so. So if your reading this right now, thank you. Thank you for giving me a chance and putting your faith in me. I have been blessed with so many opportunities and being able to do what I love means the world to me. 

With love always, Maegan

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