• Maegan Atchison

Aubree Cate | Dance Portraits | Spring Hill College

If you did not know already, this talented little dancer is also my Sister-in-Law! I always find it super lucky to have a photographer in the family, because you will always have someone to take good pictures of you. Except myself of course. I'll forvever be paying an arm and leg to get the quality of pictures I want. But hey! It's worth two arms to get to work with some of the amazing photographers we have on the gulf coast.

As always, we are back at Spring Hill! I know I shoot here all the time, but I absolutely love it. I loved going to school here and know I love to photograph here. It's always my go to, because I know the pictures will always turn out great, and I know of all the little secret places that are perfect for picture taking.

Aubree Cate just recently started dancing at Sheffield School of Dance and oh my goodness! The GROWTH we have seen within a few months is amazing. She is definitely talent to watch and I cannot wait to see where her dance journey will lead her.

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