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  • Maegan Atchison

Brittney & Warren | Wedding | Lafitte Baptist Church


On October 13, 2018 I was given the opportunity to shoot a wedding for some of the kindest people I think I have ever met. Although I had not known Brittney and Warren previously, our paths intermingled when my Mother-in-Law suggested me to Warren, who is also good friends with my Father-in-Law, as their photographer for this special day.

I had just invested in my new camera when Warren contacted me in August about doing their wedding. Nothing huge. All they were looking for was some family portraits and documentation of the ceremony. I could do that! Even though I was super nervous, I knew that I would need to challenge myself in order for me to learn and grow. So I accepted and started planning.

The day finally came and I arrived almost an hour early to scout out a few places to take portraits. I ended up finding this little spot behind where the church's baseball/softball field is that was perfect. We had all the family members standing in line waiting to go and finished up all the portraits in an outstanding thirty minutes! Yes, I was surprised too!

Iv'e always been great with outside portraits, but the ceremony was definitely a challenge for me. We were half way through when I decided to just go manual because the auto setting on my camera was not giving me the quality I wanted. After I did this, they did get better but still not what I was wanting. I'm slowly learning, but inside portraits are still a struggle for me. Thank goodness Brittney and Warren are the most understanding people. I was very nervous sending them their digital gallery, but everything turned out ok. Now I am happy to share them with you all! Not all are perfect, but getting better everyday!


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