• Maegan Atchison

Ceara Weaver | Maternity | Spring Hill College

After what seemed like a very busy year, I was able to end 2018 with this beautiful Maternity Session. As I sat back I reflected on this shoot, I couldn't help but think about how small our world really is. I met Ceara when I was 11 years old. She was a Varsity Cheerleader for my Mom at the time. Fast forward a few years and Ceara is now one of my nurses for my OB-GYN. She has always had some type of presence in my life, so when she asked me to do her Maternity pictures I couldn't have been more excited.

As you can tell, I shoot at Spring Hill A LOT. But that's because I love it. It's always beautiful and the pictures always turn out great. We were planning on doing Ceara's shoot at the end of December, but moved it up to the Sunday before Christmas. Even though this is when most photographers would take off, Campus couldn't have been more perfect for us. There was not a soul at Spring Hill. Usually on a pretty day like this, campus would be packed out with families and photographers doing shoots. But we had it all to ourselves.

We took our time. Walked around and talked some. It was great. And we got some absolutely beautiful shots. A perfect session to end 2018 with.

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