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Dominique & Sunny | Wedding | Blacksher Hall


Dominique and Sunny were married on October 19, 2018 at Blacksher Hall in Mobile, AL. This was a ceremony filled with love, laughs, history, and emotion. So many things came together for these two beautiful people and I am so happy I was there to capture it.

Dom ended up contacting me the day before letting me know they really wanted a photographer and bless the lord I had no plans for Friday night. Being able to capture a wedding, no matter how small or intimate is very important to me so I always try to make a way. Even though me and Dom have never been close I got to know her pretty well from various college and sorority events at Spring Hill. I'm pretty sure she has even checked on me a few times whenever I had a break down in the cafeteria (Spring Hill is rough y'all).

One of the things that I really loved about this ceremony was the incorporation of different marriage traditions. After Dom and Sunny kissed they then "Jumped the Broom" to make their vows official. Today "Broom Jumping" is a ritual, handed down from generation to generation to remind us of a time when African American vows were not legally sanctioned. During slavery, African Americans sought the legitimacy of marriage by jumping over the broom and into the bonds of domesticity. This small ritual was a legal and bonding act connecting them with the heritage of the home land and giving legitimacy, dignity and strength to their unions. In their eyes this union was now sanctioned by "the almighty."

After the ritual Dom and Sunny were then announced Husband and Wife. Officially a beautiful blended family.


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