• Maegan Atchison

Kara McPherson | Portraits | Creola, AL

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

With being a new photographer the best advice anyone has ever given me is practice, practice, practice. So what did I do? Called up my Aunt to see if I could borrow my cousin of course! I was so excited about these pictures. It was a beautiful day, perfect weather, and perfect lighting. But low and behold, as soon as I got in my car to head over to their house the bottom fell out.

I arrived to Creola in thunder and lightening, which couldn't be more my luck. But I wasn't going to let a little rain get me down. So I continued to help Kara get dressed. Fixing hair and doing makeup. I also brought over a few maxi dresses for her to try on, which she was super excited about. Once she was ready to go, we decided that we were going to try out their piano room. I opened the curtains to get as much light in as possible, but with it storming there wasn't much light to be let in.

We worked with the lighting as best as we could and after a visit to Adobe Lightroom I got them exactly where I wanted them to be. I decided to go with a nice light and airy feel for such a dreary day. Times like these are when I wish I had a studio setup to get that perfect lighting, but I still think they turned out well for the circumstances.

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