• Maegan Atchison

Morgan Atchison | Sweet 16 | Eight Mile, AL

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

Birthday Shoots are always fun, especially when they are your Sweet Sixteen Birthday pictures! Mo wasn't necessarily planning on taking pictures, but I saw some inspiration on Pinterest that I had to try out. One of those things were blowing glitter towards the camera. In theory, I figured this would be pretty simple, but it turned out to be much more of a fail than I thought. After A few tries and be being covered from head to toe in glitter, we finally got one that looked half way decent, which you will be able to see in her gallery below.

We also did a few with one of Mo's favorite cacti "Carmen." Carmen the cactus stole the show and tied in nicely with Mo's outfit. She was also a great prop to use for Morgan's invitation. Overall, a cute little photo shoot.

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