• Maegan Atchison

Tristan, Ansleigh, & Nolan | Portraits | Spring Hill College

It amazes me how quickly children can grown in such a short amount of time. After I took these portraits for Ms. Pippin I went back and looked at the photos of Tristan and Ansleigh that I had just taken in August. In just a few short months sweet Ansleigh has begun to lose her chubby baby cheeks and Tristan a little taller.

Although this was the first time I have met little Nolan (Ms. Pippin's Nephew) I could immediately see how much his cousins loved him. As soon as they got out of the car they both ran towards him for a big hug. There were a good bit of people taking pictures out a Spring Hill that day so we had to work around them, but the lighting was absolutely beautiful and definitely worth it.

Nolan was extremely shy throughout the entire session. Tristan and Ansleigh ran around and played with him. We would get him smiling and as soon as I would bend down to get the shot he would put his hands to his face or just look down at the ground. I ended up taking over 400 pictures to try and get a decent one of them together. We learned quickly that posing them was not going to work so the kids just ran around and I ran with them.

Even though we couldn't get the perfect Pinterest shot, there is just something I love about the pictures we got with them playing together. They may not be the ones to hang up, but they are the ones that you will want to keep. Every time I look at this session I can't help but smile. The love and patience these kiddos showed to their little cousin was honestly the sweetest thing.

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